About Us

The continued success of the Pizza Perfect and Burger Perfect franchised brands over the past 22 years fuelled an appetite to explore the “flame-grilled chicken” sector of fast food and led to the launch of the group’s brand extension – Chickin Tyme.


“Chicken is by far Africa’s most consumed staple protein and with consumers consciously moving towards healthy eating, we decided to pursue the “flame-grilled chicken” route as opposed to entering the fried chicken market,” confirms Michael Solomou CEO of Pizza Perfect (Pty) Ltd.


Given that more and more people are finding themselves racing against time and are faced with the challenges posed in preparing nutritionally balanced meals, Chickin Tyme’s emphasis is on fulfilling and satisfying a need in the marketplace for a balanced alternative to “fast food on the run” and conventional home cooking.


Chickin Tyme promotes healthy eating and the food offering delivers 100% quality, healthy, wholesome products that are freshly prepared on a daily basis while also maintaining sustainable practices towards helping the environment through eco-friendly packaging and tableware. The menu encompasses flame-grilled chicken, kebabs and filleted chicken breast burgers in a variety of authentic “tymetested” flavours: Herb and Lemoni, BarbeQ, Morracano, Mozambiqa Medium Chilli and Mozambiqa Hot Chilli. In addition to this, Chickin Tyme uses freshly-baked signature artisan buns baked with a higher than average bran content as a healthier alternative.